A subsidiary of Evans Industries, Darnell-Rose was formed by the merger of Darnell Corporation and Rose Caster Company in January, 1998.

Since 1921, Darnell casters have stood as the symbol for quality in the caster and wheel industry, whereas Rose Caster has earned a legendary reputation for building superior forged steel casters and couplers primarily for the demanding U.S. automotive industry for over 75 years.
Headquarters for Darnell-Rose has been moved to our new facilities in the city of Colton, California where manufacturing, engineering, and sales are fully integrated under one roof. The Rose plant in Detroit serves as our East Coast factory. This means every Darnell-Rose product is made in the U.S.A. by American craftsmen using U.S. suppliers for raw materials and purchased components. Our processes are vertically integrated and include a full array of metalworking, fabrication, machining, and rubber processing operations. This gives us the ability to produce a complete line of high quality standard products for immediate shipment, as well as the capability to provide a broad range of custom products to fit our customer's most detailed applications.
Our long tradition and commitment to quality is evident by our continued compliance to the ISO 9001:2008 quality standard for all quality systems and processes within our 25,000 square foot factory in California. These same sound principles for quality have been adopted and implemented as well at our 40,000 square foot Rose factory. Our mission statement emphasizes this commitment to quality by re-affirming our belief that "building superior products and providing exceptional service will earn the loyalty and respect of our valued customers, who in return, will reward us with their repeat business and new product opportunities."
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