Darnell Rose Wheels - Our Complete catalog for Wheels
Made in the USA since 1921, Darnell-Rose's reputation has been riding on our wheels, producing the widest variety and highest quality in the industry. Darnell-Rose offers wheels made from Hard-rubber, Neoprene, Advanced Elastomers, Mold-on rubber and Polyurethane, Thermoplastic rubber, Phenolic, Polyolefin, and cast iron semi steel materials.

Our custom formulated Neoprene outlasts and outperforms ordinary rubber wheels. Available in all sizes, either in black or non-marking gray, and combined with either ball bearings, roller bearings, or self-lube bushings. Conductive rubber is also available for applications that need protection from Electrostatic Discharge ("ESD").

Whether your requirement is hard or soft, Darnell-Rose wheels are molded to various hardnesses, from Extra Soft "E-Z Roll," to our rock solid hard rubber compounds. Softer durometer wheels have a hard inner core, which adds strength and increased load capacity to support heavier loads.

Our Advanced Elastomer ("AE") wheels are made from a custom compounded urethane elastomer that offers the highest abrasion resistance, maximum impact strength, and lowest rolling resistance. These wheels are simply the easiest rolling wheels under the heaviest of loads, and guaranteed to outlast and outperform metal, rubber, plastic, phenolic, and even conventional solid urethane wheels. AE wheels resist nearly all chemicals, greases, oils, solvents, fuel oils, and other compounds which attack most molded plastic or common rubber wheels. Just another way Darnell-Rose keeps you rolling even under the most demanding conditions.

Our Mold-on rubber and polyurethane treads are made using only thick, natural, industrial grade materials permanently bonded to a high strength cast iron core. Expertly handcrafted in our Detroit Michigan factory, these wheels come in different tread hardnesses and are ideal for a multitude of industrial uses

In keeping with the Darnell-Rose tradition, we are prepared to provide you with the perfect match: The original quality of the perfect Darnell-Rose caster, combined with our high quality wheels to create the "perfect way" to keep your equipment rolling regardless of the conditions.
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