For nearly 100 years, Darnell-Rose has stood as the symbol of quality in the caster industry. Customers and competitors alike have labeled Darnell-Rose as the "Premier" caster line of the industry.

Darnell offers our customers a complete line of heat treated plate and stem casters in sizes ranging from 1 5/8" to 20" wheel diameters, and load capacities up to 50,000 lbs. each caster. Various finish options such as plating and powder coat are also available to fit your needs.

The Rose caster line includes an Integrated hot-forged King Pin and standard Tapered Thrust Bearings in the secondary raceway for added performance and extended life that is demanded by the automotive industry. It's no wonder customers prefer Darnell-Rose when reliability and value are what they require.

In addition to the proven performance and lasting quality of our standard line of casters, Darnell-Rose can also design and manufacture "made to order" casters to fit your special requirements. Our concurrent engineering capability using 3-D Modeling techniques along with rapid prototyping ability allow our customers the assurance of "proper fit and function" of their fabricating applications before production begins.
Load Capacity 90 – 230 lbs.
Sturdy light duty swivel and rigid casters for furniture and industrial equipment designed to extend the life of any product it is attached to.
Load Capacity 125 – 700 lbs.
Strong, rugged, and easy rolling casters utilized in thousands of industrial and institutional applications where easy swiveling and optional locking under heavy loads is mandatory.
Load Capacity 200 – 1800 lbs.
Our most popular series of exceptional robust casters has been used for over 85 years in thousands of industrial and institutional applications.
Load Capacity 200 – 5500 lbs.
The strongest and largest selection of casters on the market today features heavy duty construction of the "20 Series" with its 3/8" thick top plate, solid welded yoke construction, and precision machined double ball raceways; or the "R Series" line of heavy duty casters featuring premium SAE 1050 hot forged steel and integrally forged king pins for added strength and durability.
Load Capacity 540 – 50,000 lbs.
These single and dual wheel casters rank as one of the heaviest and toughest product lines on earth today. Designed for dependability and durability, these workhorses will provide many years of steady, trouble-free performance. Standard features include premium SAE 1050 hot forged steel and integrally forged king pins, flame hardened raceways, and tapered roller thrust bearings for added strength and durability.
Load Capacity 100 – 1000 lbs.
These NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) approved casters are designed to provide the ultimate corrosion protection, maximum grease retention, and freedom of debris collection areas to insure easy cleaning of the caster. Made with non-magnetic 303 / 304 stainless steel with optional 316 stainless also available.
Load Capacity 125 – 400 lbs.
Twin Lock casters restrain movable equipment by locking both the wheel and the swivel in one easy step. Simply step down to lock, step again to release. No other caster combines this much braking action with ease of use. Available in both Carbon and Stainless steel
Load Capacity 110 – 20,000 lbs.
These premium casters are used for both sensitive material handling applications and extremely heavy loads. The unique design of our Cushion Ride gives vertical deflection in response to a light load, but also provides protection against heavier shock loads, while the 5100 series is fabricated with a super heavy-duty three-spring shock system. Our Shear Disc caster provides a nonlinear suspension and also makes the work place quieter by cutting vibration generated noise of in-plant trailers by 50% or more.
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