Darnell-Rose Stainless Steel casters are designed to provide the ultimate in Corrosion Protection. These NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) approved casters are ideally suited for acetic, nitric and citric acid environments in addition to being well suited for organic and inorganic chemicals, dye stuffs, crude and refined oil environments, and also highly desirable for instrument conveying applications.

Available in the ever popular 50, 60, 90, and A100 series, Darnell-Rose Stainless Steel casters offers load capacities from 100 to 1000 lbs. and wheel sizes ranging from 2 ½" to 8". The materials used are only the finest non-magnetic 303/304 stainless, with optional 316 stainless also available upon request. All A100 series casters come standard with swivel raceway grease seals and zerk fittings.

Darnell-Rose Stainless Steel casters cover a wide range of sanitary applications found in hospitals, hotels, pharmaceutical labs, clean rooms, meat packing plants, and food industries.

Typical Applications:
Medical Carts & Equipment
Food Serving Carts
Animal Cages
Restaurant Equipment
Instrument Cases
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