When your mobility application calls for extra heavy load capacities, you can turn to Darnell-Rose to meet your demands. Our extra heavy duty casters have what it takes to handle the toughest industrial jobs. Simply put, this series of casters ranks as the heaviest and toughest single wheel caster on earth. Combine this with our Dual-Wheel Workstand casters designed for improved stability and greater load capacity while minimizing overall height and you will understand why customers throughout the industry look to Darnell-Rose when dependability, durability, and longevity are driving their caster purchases.

The 4500 and 5200 series offer standard quality features that include precisely machined and heat treated swivel raceways, special extra heavy duty tapered swivel bearings for both the upper main load bearing and lower thrust bearing, plus and extra-strong 1¼" welded stud and king bolt.

The "R" series of extra heavy duty casters offers standard quality features such as Premium SAE 1050 Hot-Forged steel and integrally forged King Pins, flame hardened raceways, and tapered roller thrust bearings for added strength and durability while offering unsurpassed performance.

When you're searching for years of trouble-free performance moving extra heavy duty loads, your search is now over. Darnell-Rose once again is your mobility solution provider.

Typical Applications:
- Heavy Trash
- Flat Bed Industrial
- Steel or Wood Transfer
- Factory Platform
- Heavy-Duty Parts
- Door Dollies
- Large Flat Bed Trailers
- Heavy Auto Frame
- Extra Heavy Service
- Truck and Tractor
            Tire Hauling
- Extra Heavy Duty
            Towing Trailers
- Jet-Engine Aircraft
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