When restraining moveable equipment is in demand, then the Darnell-Rose Twin Lock caster is your best option. Made from either Zinc Plated Carbon steel or Stainless steel, these casters provide total locking capability with one easy step. Just step down to lock, and step again to release and you're on your way. The sturdy brake pedal is located above the wheel for easy access. This high quality caster is made with a variety of stems and mounting plates, as well as a 5/8" hollow king pin designed for inserting a bolt for mating up to whatever application you need.

As you would expect from Darnell-Rose, Thread Guards are standard keeping unwanted materials out of the wheel bearings thus increasing the life of the caster.

Just another way Darnell-Rose casters provide longevity, performance and value no one else can match.

Typical Applications:
Medical Carts & Equipment Photography Lighting
Wire Shelving Trucks
Food Serving Carts
Modular Frame Systems
Electronics Equipment
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