When it comes to heavy duty casters, Darnell-Rose leads the way in offering the strongest and largest selection on the market today. Whether it's the heavy duty construction of the "20 Series" with its 3/8" thick top plate, solid welded yoke construction, and precision machined double ball raceways, or the "R Series" line of heavy duty casters featuring premium SAE 1050 hot forged steel and integrally forged king pins for added strength and durability.

Whatever your application may be, Darnell-Rose's line of heavy duty casters are the perfect balance between safety and productivity while capable of handling the largest load capacities to fit your needs.

Typical Applications:
Heavy Machinery Body
Line Assembly
Die Setting Tables
Service Carts
Computer Mainframes
Conveyor Tow Lines
Air Cargo Dollies
Large Scrap Bins
Cranes and Gantries
Towing Trailers
Electric Pallet Lifts
Auto Tire Hauling
Heavy Drywall Carts
Moveable Drum Pallets
Glass Transfer Trucks
Flat Bed Industrial Trucks
Lumber Carts and Dollies
Factory Platform Trucks
Jigs and Fixtures
Heavy Duty Parts Trailers
Light Duty Trailers
Large Flat Bed Trailers
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