At Darnell-Rose we know what it means to protect valuable loads as it moves across the floor. That's why we have designed our Shock Absorbing casters with all the quality and performance required to insure we meet the task at hand. From the unique design and vertical wheel deflection capabilities of the Cushion Ride, to the Super Heavy Duty 3 spring shock absorption of the 5100 series, and the staple of the automotive industry the non-linear suspension of the Shear Disc, Darnell-Rose has set the standard in the shock absorbing caster industry.

Our premium casters are fabricated from only the finest quality heat treated and hot forged steels, and precisely machined to the tightest tolerances in the industry for superior fit and performance. Heavy duty tapered load and thrust bearings are used for maximum mobility under heavy loads and to withstand extreme lateral forces. Extra-large 1¼" threaded king bolts and integrally hot forged king pins and top plates insure maximum protection even in the toughest of environments.

When reliability, dependability, performance, and safety are factors in your shock absorbing caster purchases, look no further than Darnell-Rose. Our reputation is riding on our casters.

Typical Applications:
Large Flat Bed Trailers Heavy
Auto Frame Racks
Extra Heavy Service Dollies
Truck and Tractor Tire Hauling
Extra Heavy Duty Towing Trailers
Jet-Engine Aircraft Workstand
Heavy Trash Gondolas
Flat Bed Industrial Trucks
Steel or Wood Transfer Trucks
Factory Platform Trucks
Heavy-Duty Parts Trailers
Door Dollies
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